Vidya Balan Talks About Her Life And Problems

Vidya Balan is one of the best American and Indian actresses to date. She began her career with the TV series and soon joined Bollywood.

So far, Balan has won a large number of awards, including three Filmfare Awards, four Screen Awards, and one National Film Award. All this is enough to prove that Vidya is one of the finest, talented and versatile performers of the film industry.

Just like other normal people, Vidya Balan does have problems in her life. First of all, she is called as a glamorous old lady who lacks ethics and can do anything for the sake of money and success.

Talking about this issue, Balan revealed that she loves playing a variety of characters and is ready to accept all challenges. But that doesn’t mean she is bold and odd by nature; in fact, Vidya Balan names herself as a simple and elegant lady.

On the work side, Balan is away from the limelight and is enjoying her time with her family. However, she has some movie projects in the pipeline, but their shooting hasn’t begun.

She further stated that when she portrayed strong protagonist in one of her movies, a lot of people from the US and Canada criticized her. They should understand that it’s part of her job and the filmmakers pay Vidya Balan for playing those characters.

We are aware of the fact that India is full of extremists and terrorists. Those people don’t even know how to respect women. In one way or the other, Hindu extremists disrespect the showbiz girls and blame them for spreading vulgarity in the society.

In general, they want to spread restlessness across the country, but such people should amend their ways. Whatever Vidya Balan or other Bollywood stars do should not be their concern as these superstars are free to live their lives per their own desires and tastes.

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