Umar Akmal Issue Surprises His British Fans

Umar Akmal not only has countless fans in Pakistan, but also London, Dubai, New York, Toronto, Istanbul, and Paris.

Recently this player has come across lots of problems, as a result of which his repute in the eyes of British and American people has been damaged seriously.

But that’s just a part of life as ups and downs are always there. To help Umar resolve his problems, head of PCB Executive Committee, Najam Sethi has made an announcement that Akmal’s issue will be fully coped up with in just a few days.

According to details, senior journalist Mr. Sethi has come forward to help Umar get out of this tough time.

Earlier, just because of this controversy, Umar was dropped from the team as per the orders of PCB.

According to chief selector, Haroon Rasheed, Akmal really has made them feel bad and people are really unhappy with the bad act he has done.

The reason of Umar’s drop is that he was arrested by police officers during a raid in dance club.

Not only Akmal, sources reveal, but also Azeem Ghumman and several other players were present at that nightclub, enjoying time.

A few of the official persons also claim that Umar was completely drunk at that time, and he was caught going physical with a lady at the club.

Such an act is simply not acceptable in our religion Islam that is being followed by Muslims of Toronto, London, Istanbul, Dubai, New York, and Paris.

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Without any doubt, Akmal needs to amend his ways and should say sorry to his Pakistani audience if he is really serious to keep up with his game for few more years.

Otherwise there are chances that PCB will put a permanent ban on this player, and Akmal will no longer be a part of any game played in London, Dubai, New York, Toronto, Paris, or Istanbul.

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