TV Stars Mourn Amjad Sabri’s Death In Karachi, Pakistan

Not only Pakistan’s people but also the Muslim communities of Dubai, New York, Istanbul, London, Toronto, and Paris, mourn Amjad Sabri’s death.

Yesterday, he was shot on the road by two targeted killers.

According to media reports, Amjad was going to his studio for shooting a Ramadan special program when all of a sudden two motorcyclists came in front of his car.

The driver had to stop the vehicle to avoid any accident. As soon as he did so, the two young killers shot the famous TV personality as well as his driver.

Amjad Sabri

People gathered at the spot in no time, and the injured bodies were carried to the hospital. Unfortunately, Amjad Sabri died because he could not cope up with the pain.

Aged around 40, Sabri was reportedly receiving the threatening calls for a couple of weeks, but he ignored.

The co-stars are of the view that a couple of times, Amjad told them that he is being threatened and for this, they had advised him to report a case; but he didn’t.

A shopkeeper who saw the whole incident claims that the motorcycle-riding attackers looked too young, aging from 25 to 30. He says that both of the killers tried to pull up in front of Sabri’s vehicle, and they opened the fire at him.

Amjad Sabri

One of the onlookers shot horrible mobile phone footage of the crime scene, and it has gone viral on the social networks. This shows that Sabri’s head and other body organs received injuries. A pool of blood was present all around his car.

Wearing the shocking pink dress, Amjad looked very nice but unfortunately everything ended in no time.

The preliminary examinations have clarified that Sabri was shot three times in the head, chest, and face. His family is in big shock.

The wife and brothers have not given permission of performing the post-mortem on the body.

His fans in Dubai, London, New York, Toronto, Paris, and Istanbul feel sorrow and have demanded from the government of Pakistan to take action against the murderers in next few days.

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