Turkish Governor Receives Punishment in Grave

Islam has warned us hundreds of years ago that we should understand the difference between good and bad. Unfortunately, people of Paris, London, Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, and New York, are still unaware of their religious responsibilities.

Islam makes it clear that there would be heaven for the good people and hell for those who are involved in evils.

Still only some people understand that they have been sent to this world to worship Allah, not to get involved in the fake charms of the things around.

Turkish Governor Receives Punishment in Grave

A Turkish governor died in Istanbul. People dug a grave to bury the dead body.

What they saw inside the grave proved to be terrifying. They witnessed a real black snake, wandering here and there.

In an effort to save the governor’s body from the snake’s attack, they dug up more than 30 graves.

Turkish Governor Receives Punishment in Grave

Shockingly, every time they tried to below his body inside the grave, they could see the same snake there.

It seems that the long snake was waiting for the body so that it could wrap it tightly.

This clearly proves that the governor of Istanbul, Turkey, was not a good man. Just like the politicians of Paris, Dubai, Toronto, London, and New York, he must have given his people lots of troubles.

People were scared of it. They got too tired that they took the decision of burying the dead body in the grave where the snake was present.

A couple of them have said to TV persons of Istanbul that it has been the most terrible sight they ever witnessed.

Allah has ordered us to avoid doing the wrong things. If we continue to do so, then there are chances that we would also suffer from the same type of punishment after the death.

Individuals of Paris, Istanbul, Toronto, London, New York, and Dubai, should be ready to face the troubles if they don’t care of amending their ways. On the other hand, those who are stick to the good things would be given great rewards at the Judgement Day.

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