The Unseen Shocking Facts of September 11 Attacks of New York

The September 11 attacks (commonly called as 9/11 attacks) can never be forgotten by any of us. On this day, a series of four well coordinated terrorism attacks on America surprised the world. The eyes of the people across Dubai, London and other parts of the world were on this incident.

The time when New York City came under threat, the news went viral the world over in no time. Americans blamed an Islamic group, Al-Qaida, for this incident.

It was the morning of Tuesday, September, 11, 2001, the things looked normal everywhere. Suddenly four passenger airliners targeted America’s landmarks.

All of those airplanes were bound for California. Reportedly, they were hijacked and used to kill innocent people in America.

It is known to every one of us that America has never been a supporter of Al-Qaida. Every now and then, Americans living in Dubai, London, and even the big cities like California, Washington, and New York, highlight Al-Qaida as an organization of terrorists.

The facts showcased here make it clear that the footage of 9/11 was nothing but a fake piece. This was edited and has nothing to do with reality.

Cleanly the clips make it clear that America must have pre-planned 9/11 attacks just to defeat Islamic organizations.

No one has right to say even a single word against any of the religions. Whether we are Muslims or non-Muslims, giving respect to human beings should be our core focus, and it is our moral duty.

Whether these attacks were America’s planning or something else, the country’s government got the chance to initiate wars against Al-Qaida. It seems that they just want to defeat those who spread Islam.

America has always blamed Muslim states to be producing terrorists. There is a strong need for non-Muslims of New York, London, Dubai and rest of the world to value Islam and to give it utmost respect.

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