The ‘Immortal’ Pharaoh Is Still Alive And Kicking, Studies Reveal

A few years back while standing in a Cairo museum and peeping at the mummified corpse of Ramses II, the most famed Pharaoh in history, we were surprised to see that his body hairs are still growing. This is what researchers of Dubai, New York, Toronto, London, and Istanbul, have proved.

The confusion is that Pharaoh died hundreds of years ago and had long buried in seas, but his body was taken out and kept preserved after getting treated by the doctors of France.

If you happen to see Pharaoh’s dead boy, a lot of questions would definitely strike your mind. It is commonly believed that Pharaoh died his natural death, but history of Islam showcases that his death was planned by Almighty God because he did bad words against Him (Astaghfirullah).

As per rules of existence every dead body slowly and steadily becomes a skeleton and all flesh and bones eventually disappear, leaving behind a few bones. But in case of Pharaoh, nothing like this happens.

His followers were prosecuted by blood hounds and it is even believed that Pharaoh’s death is a mystery with little evidences of what he had been doing.

Some people often call him the father of Christianity.

History always repeats itself and when the prophet and his companions were followed by Pharaoh and his companions, God helped His prophet and destroyed Pharaoh with his followers; since that time his body has flesh pieces and hairs growing slowly and steadily.

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Keeping pace with the technological advancements, the Pharaoh too has updated himself. The researchers of California and Paris view that he has not been a man of flesh and blood; rather this is a deadly combination of material power plus clergy.

Whatsoever the truths may be, but Muslims of Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, New York, and London, have true faith in Allah that He can do what He wants.

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