Sweden and West World Began Islamophobia Campaign Against Halal Meat

Sweden is a beautiful and famous country. It attracts thousands of tourists from London, Dubai and New York, most of which are newlyweds which come to Sweden to explore the hidden beauty of nature.

If, on one hand, Sweden has become a developed and financially strong country, then on the other hand, it has become a land where anti-Islamic campaigns have been increased.

Recently a new phobia has grown in Sweden of not eating ‘Halal Meat’ at any cost. According to the officials and public of Sweden, with Halal Meat they become Muslims.

They further say that becoming Muslims and preaching Islam is not their cup of tea. One of the parliamentarians has viewed that they are trying their best to not let the people eat Halal Meat.

This is all their practice to do something against Islam, but those people don’t know that Almighty God is there to show them their originality, whenever He wants.

This anti-Islam campaign is named as ‘Islamophobia’. Serving Halal Meat in Sweden is likely to come to an end, but this doesn’t mean Islam is a religion they can defeat.

Obviously, Almighty God is there to protect the Muslims, the Holy Quran, and Islamic values from the harms of western world.

According to Swedish, the followers of Islamophobia, serving Halal Meat is a magic because this can turn the religion of a non-Muslim into Islam.

Not only in Sweden, but also across London, New York and Dubai, campaigns have been raised by Muslim communities against Islamophobia campaign.

Islam gives us lesson to become true preacher of Almighty God. This is not the religion that should be treated in such a negative way.

Until or unless Almighty God wants, no one can harm the repute of Islam, and of course this will never happen till the end of time. So, Swedish people should stop such useless acts. Across London, Dubai and New York etc., Muslims are showing anger against Sweden.

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