Stupid Television Commercials Being Made

These days, the trend of making odd television commercials is everywhere in Paris, London, Toronto, Dubai, Istanbul and New York. We are unable to understand why the authorities are not paying attention to such idiotic things and why they are not taking measures against the people who produce and air such materials.

Most recently, a famous cellular company of Pakistan aired a number of ads – all of them were quite childish and useless. The females show their body parts in most of the commercials, and it looks like this is happening with the permission of PEMRA as well as the government of Pakistan.

This cellular company (we’d like not to mention its name) has been around for years. So it makes no sense that its commercials are out of context and are meaningless. We feel that the producers and ad creators should pay attention to quality.

It is a common observation that people get easily attracted toward meaningful and purposeful advertisements; they get a lot of chances to learn new things from those ads, and when such low-quality commercials hit our television screens, there is no chance for us to improve and learn something being a part of Pakistan.

It is strongly needed that we prefer quality rather than quantity. Offering too many things and compromising on quality makes no sense. Instead, we should develop only a few commercials at a time and make sure that the viewers get something new and innovative to enjoy.

Not only the cellular companies but also all other local and international brands of the country should prepare their television commercials carefully. It is better that they out one ad twice per month rather than airing new advertisements every second day.

This is the only way the top-notch brands of Paris, London, New York, Dubai, Istanbul, and Toronto can survive for long in the eyes of their global customers.

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