Snake In The Grave Of Governor Of Istanbul, Turkey

The news has given a big shock to everyone in Paris, Istanbul, Toronto, London, Dubai, New York, and the rest of the UAE.

According to the reports, a snake has been found in the grave of a Turkish governor. The eye-witnesses are of the view that they never came across such a strange incident.

The governor of Istanbul, Turkey, died years ago. By nature, he was not a good human being.

He used to deal his people with cruelty and had much proud in his personality. Almighty God dislikes those who are not humble.

Turkish Governor Receives Punishment in Grave

At the time of his death, this official person suffered from severe pain. People surrounding him at the hospital prayed for his health but in just a matter of days, his soul traveled to the distant world.

Then came the time when his dead body was brought to the graveyard so that it could be buried.

The individuals from Istanbul, New York, Paris, Dubai, London, Toronto, and other European cities gathered at the spot.

Turkish Governor Receives Punishment in Grave

They were amazed to see that a snake was trying to wrap his dead body.

Amazingly, more than 30 graves were dug, and the same snake was present in all of them.

In the end, the people got too tired, and a religious person advised them to bury the body in the same grave.

Those who witnessed the whole incident have told to Turkish journalists that the snake was gigantic in size, and its color was black.

They tried a lot to remove it from the grave but failed.

The history of Islam is full of the incidents when human beings are punished for their bad deeds.

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In any of the ways, we are answerable before Allah for what we do in this world.

It is, thus, mandatory that we realize our duties, and bow before Almighty God. The non-Muslims of Paris, Dubai, Toronto, London, Istanbul, and New York, should embrace Islam before its too late and they get punished.

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