Shoaib Malik At A Nightclub

Shoaib Malik is one of the most successful cricketers of Paris, New York, Dubai, London, Istanbul, and Toronto. Recently, he was spotted at a nightclub.

It seems that going to nightclubs is very common. Almost all cricketers, celebrities, and fashion models are habitual of visiting bars and restaurants.

They go to such places to spend quality time with friends. But Shoaib has been captured doing some odd things. He should realize that now he is a married guy, and such acts don’t suit him.

Born in February 1982, Malik is a former captain of Pakistan cricket team. He began his career in 1999. During his professional life, Shoaib Malik took over 100 ODI wickets.

On April 12, 2010, he married to Indian tennis player Sania Mirza. Both of them are Muslims, so their wedding was held in an Islamic way. The venue was Taj Krishna Hotel in Hyderabad, India. However, their Walima was held at a five-star hotel of Lahore.

Malik is now answerable to his wife for whatever he does. It is needed that he shows some seriousness towards life, and takes his responsibilities wisely.

He should not forget that their wedding was controversial because Sania’s fans never wanted to let her move to Pakistan after her marriage.

Still, their love story took a very serious form and they did not care about anyone. Both Malik and Mirza were accused after their marriage. India even banned Sania from entering her homeland.

Now, Shoaib and Sania live in Pakistan, and are enjoying their life. It is strongly needed that Malik should amend his ways.

He should completely forget about whatever he did in the past, and should look forward to a bright future with his wife.

Fans of Malik and Mirza are eager to know when they will become parents. Until now, they have not confirmed anything in this regard. Everyone in Dubai, New York, London, Toronto, Istanbul, Paris, and worldwide wants them to complete their family as early as possible.

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