Shoaib Akhtar Talks About An Interesting Incident Of His Life

Shoaib Akhtar is one of the most famous cricketers of Paris, Dubai, New York, Toronto, Istanbul, London, and worldwide.

He has a huge fan following, and is widely known as a bowler. Born in August 1975, this former Pakistani cricketer made many records during his career.

He had set a record of 161.3km/hour. Due to his fast bowling skills, Akhtar was nicknamed as the “Pindi Express,” a tribute to his hometown and fastest bowling.

It is very rare when he makes a public appearance. It seems that nowadays he is paying more attention to his marital life. However, Shoaib was invited to a TV program recently.

The show host asked a series of questions from the cricketer. He looked very confident while answering all of the questions. At a time, he shared an incident of his life.

Akhtar said that when he was playing at the domestic level, he used to visit a juice point every day. The owner of that shop offered him glasses of fresh juice free of cost.

At that time, Shoaib promised that he would pay him the whole amount for all glasses of juice once he manages to become famous.

Later on, he heard that the owner of the juice point has passed away. This gave a big shock to Shoaib. So, he decided to help his family financially, and now he regularly gives them something every month in terms of money.

Talking about his career as a cricketer, Akhtar began his Test match career in November 1997. In those days, he was mostly recognized as an opening fast bowler. During 1998, he got the chance to play his first One Day International.

Over the years, he was involved in numerous controversies. During his life as a bachelor, Akhtar made the headlines because of his love relationships with few Bollywood actresses and American models.

He was often accused of not focusing much on his career. His co-cricketers used to say that he is not a team player, and loves to live alone.

In 2005, the controversies and blames took a very serious form and Akhtar was sent home during an Australian Test match series. A lot of people in Toronto, Paris, London, Dubai, Istanbul, and New York, said that he is a rude person.

Many times, he was kept under pressure for alleged poor attitude. Not only this but also, people blamed that he is a drug addict. In order to check his fitness level, Akhtar underwent a medical test.

He told in an interview that he was being given tough time because his rivals were jealous of his performance. It is true that we have to face a lot of problems when we are at the peak of success.

Some competitors feel bad because of our success. For such individuals, our only suggestion is that they should work hard at their end, and should try to gain success in their respective fields.

Coming to the point, Shoaib Akhtar, in September 2007, was banned for an indefinite period because Mohammad Asif and other cricketers claimed that he had a serious fight with them.

It was in April 2008 when he was banned for many years because he had publicly criticized the Pakistan Cricket Board. All this clearly proves that he had to face numerous issues during his career as a cricketer.

In 2011, Akhtar returned to international cricket, and restarted playing. However, he could participate in only a few matches. He is one of the most successful cricketers in the world.

Shoaib married to Rubab in June 2014. He has a baby too. He clarified in a talk show that he is living a happy and peaceful life with his family. He does not want to be involved in any other controversy because he has no time for it.

This has made everyone in Dubai, New York, Paris, Toronto, Istanbul, and London, happy that now Akhtar has settled in his life.

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