Shah Rukh Khan Insults Mahira Khan

Shah Rukh Khan needs no introduction. He is a famous Bollywood actor with a huge fan following in New York, Dubai, Toronto, London, Istanbul, Paris, and worldwide.

Over the years, SRK has given lots of entertaining films to his fans. It would not be wrong to say that he is one of the richest and most influential actors of all time.

His recently released film ‘Raees’ did great business at the box office. In this project, Shah Rukh Khan worked opposite Mahira Khan and looked happy with the success of this flick.

In a press conference, which was held a few months ago, Shah Rukh Khan admitted that he was strict with Mahira Khan during the shooting of ‘Raees.’

The actor wanted her to do some bold scenes opposite the movie villain, which Mahira refused to do and said she would rather reject the movie offer.

The things, however, turned to be normal after some days and shooting started in a Mumbai studio. Shah Rukh Khan’s performance in ‘Raees’ has been liked by fans in New York, Dubai, Toronto, London, Istanbul, and Paris.

At the same time, Mahira Khan has also received appreciations from her global followers. A lot of people praised her looks, outfits, makeup, style of dancing, dialogue delivery style, and other things, which gave a big surprise to Mahira. The actress said that she was not expecting that her debut will do excellent business at the box office.

Now Mahira Khan has more movie offers from Bollywood but has no confirmed whether she will do another film shortly or not. From the circumstances, it seems that Mahira won’t accept a movie where she has to play a lead opposite Shah Rukh Khan as the actress looks tired of his behavior.

But we are unable to confirm anything in this regard as SRK is the “King of Bollywood.” His fans in Paris, London, Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, and New York want to see him in more and more films.

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