What is Shab-e-Miraj And Its Islamic Value

Shab-e-Miraj is one of the holiest nights in Islamic history. On this blessed night, Holy Prophet (PBUH) was spiritually transported to the heaven where he explored different things and got close to Almighty God for a few hours.

The activities happened on this night are beyond our imaginations. On His (PBUH) way to the sky, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) met different angels and other prophets of Allah. According to religious scholars, He (PBUH) was brought to heaven prior to His (PBUH) death to prove His (PBUH) high status before humanity, and Almighty God wanted to meet His beloved.

However, the non-Muslim scientists and researchers claim that it is not possible for a human to travel to the sky and come back to the earth within 12-15 hours. From an Islamic point of view, Shab-e-Miraj was the night when an angel was sent to earth to bring Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the distant world. Both of them traveled with a speed of millions of kilometers per hour.

It means Muhammad (PBUH) not only reached the sky within seconds but also spent some time there, saw both heaven and hell, observed different positive and negative things, learned a lot from God, and came back to earth with the gift of five prayers.

It is also believed that Gabriel, the angel who accompanied Holy Prophet (PBUH) remarked at a stage and asked Him (PBUH) to carry on his journey alone.

So, Muhammad (PBUH) continued his journey and reached close to Almighty God, attaining His nearness and affection. He was entertained with spiritual knowledge, and a bowl of milk, and came back to impart the knowledge to the humans.

Shab-e-Miraj is of great importance in Islam, and on this night all Muslims pray and seek Allah’s mercy. The purpose of this night is to bow before Him (God) and learn more about Islamic history.

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