Scientific Explanations For Ghosts

Everyone in Dubai, London, New York, Paris and other cities believe in the existence of ghosts. Studies have found that most people consider ghosts as supernatural and dangerous creatures, which are better to stay away from.

Surprisingly, not all ghosts are bad; some of them are good too and are human-friendly by all means. What is a ghost? Where do they live? There are various theories about the demons and their residence. For decades, American and Canadian neuroscientists have been studying the effects of electromagnetic fields on our perceptions of ghosts.

They have hypothesized that the pulsed magnetic fields can make us feel someone’s “presence” in a room. It means whether a ghost is present or not, we will feel that it does exist somewhere and is trying to create a mess for us.

Thus, we can say that the electromagnetic radiations leave an ever-lasting impact on our bodies and brains. Similarly, infrasound is the low-frequency sound which we cannot hear properly. However, monkeys, elephants, rabbits and other animals and birds can hear those sounds in a better way.

It has now been proved that the ghosts produce special infrasound and we are unable to listen to them in any way. Special instruments, however, have been developed that make scientists able to hear what ghosts whisper around us.

Moreover, experts believe that there is a strong relationship between bizarre sensations like feeling uneasy and getting chill down the spine and infrasound. From an Islamic point of view, we can say that ghosts do exist and they are good and bad in nature. Allah has even talked about them in the Holy Quran surah and has asked us to not interfere in their matters.

If we try to disturb their populations or lifestyle, the ghosts are likely to make us unconscious or can even kill us in no time. May Allah save us from these supernatural powers, ameen.

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