Sania Mirza Adjusting Her Dress In A Press Conference Of New York

Sania Mirza needs no introduction. She is one of the best female tennis players. This wonderful lady has a huge fan following across New York, Dubai, Toronto, London, Istanbul, Paris, Mumbai, and other parts of the world.

Born in November 1986, Mirza is originally from India. A few years ago, the Women’s Tennis Association ranked her No. 1 both in singles and doubles. Throughout her professional life, Sania has worked really hard and established herself as the most prominent female tennis player of Asia.

It would not be wrong to say that she is one of the richest and highest paid female athletes to date. Because of her achievements, Mirza is often invited for international press conferences. In a recent press conference, held in New York, Sania was busy in some work when her dress got slipped.

It was indeed a very embarrassing moment. But the most amazing thing is that she did not lose her confidence. In fact, this glamorous athlete not only adjusted her dress nicely but also kept on answering the questions of media persons. However, the whole incident was captured with camera eye and has gone viral.

In addition, Mirza is one of the very few Asian females in the Open Era. She was featured and won a round at a Grand Slam tournament. In a total, she got fourteen medals including six gold medals. She also received awards at the multi-sport events; the Asian Games, the Commonwealth Games, and the Afro-Asian Games.

Truly, Mirza is a fantastic player. Her fans of Paris, Dubai, New York, Istanbul, Toronto, and London, always praise and admire her. Not only she is an excellent game player but also a fabulous and attractive personality.

At first glimpse, Sania looks like a bold and beautiful Bollywood actress. We should appreciate her because she has maintained her beauty and high-profile gaming skills throughout her life. One of the leading newspapers has recently listed Mirza as one of the “50 Heroes of Asia.”

Not only this but also a few years ago, a popular magazine mentioned that Mirza is one of the “Women who made India proud.” She became the UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia back in 2013. Under this association, she raised her voice against crimes, and domestic crimes.

To spread the message of peace and harmony, Mirza shared her opinions on her social media profiles too. The most amazing thing is that her Twitter and Instagram followers, as well as her Facebook fans always listen to her. In other words, we can say that whatever Sania says through her social media profiles, her audience always pays attention to it.

Born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, to Imran Mirza and Naseema, Mirza moved to Hyderabad with her family. She and her sister Anam grew up in a religious family. She once told in an interview that she was fond of becoming a player in her childhood.

Being a relative of former cricketer Ghulam Ahmed and player Asif Iqbal, she was motivated to participate in domestic games. Gradually, her father trained her to play tennis at the national level. She has also received coaching from Roger Anderson.

Mirza attended Hyderabad’s Nasr School. She completed her graduation from St. Mary’s College. In 2008, she was given an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from the MGR Educational and Research Institute University. She is not only a fabulous tennis player but also an excellent swimmer.

She married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. The two are living in Pakistan. Indian extremists protested against this step of Sania, but she did not care of what they do and think. Her Muslim fans of Paris, New York, London, Istanbul, Toronto, Dubai, and worldwide praised her for such a wise decision.

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