Saif Ali Khan’s Ex-Wife Angry On Kareena Kapoor

It has now been revealed that Saif Ali Khan’s ex-wife is angry on Kareena Kapoor. The news has stunned everyone in Paris, London, Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, and New York.

It’s time to welcome Kareena and Saif’s toddler to this world. Everyone is happy except Saif Ali’s ex-wife. She was actually angry in times when Saif decided to tie the knot with Kareena in October 2012.

Since they were expecting their first child, his ex-wife was in shock and gave negative comments about Kareena Kapoor. Saif took it to Twitter to announce that he is about to welcome a little one, and all family members are happy.

Unfortunately, his ex-wife did not wish the couple good luck and commented that she lost her happiness because of Kareena. In one way or the other, she is after Kapoor and calls her the reason of her stress.

Not only this but also Ali Khan’s ex-wife says that Kareena has been the cause of her daughter’s odd lifestyle. Now she wears small dresses and goes on nightclubs – all because Kareena Kapoor did not teach her good things.

On the other hand, Saif and Kareena are happy in their life and living together for years. They are often spotted at the birthday parties of friends, along with their little boy.

We think that it is natural for a woman to blame others if she has gotten a divorce. So, the reactions of Saif’s ex-wife have nothing to do with reality. Also, no one takes care of what she says or thinks about Kareena as ‘Babo’ is happy in her marital life.

Apart from Amrita, all other wishes good luck to the couple and pray that their son proves to be a blessing for their life. Various of Kareena’s friends attended her at a recently held family function. The pictures have gone viral on the internet, and every person in Dubai, New York, Paris, London, Toronto, and Istanbul is excited about this relationship.

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