Qandeel Baloch Controversy In London

Qandeel Baloch needs no introduction. This lady rose to fame across Pakistan, London, Dubai, Paris, Toronto, New York, and Istanbul, due to her controversial lifestyle.

Mainly Qandeel was a social media personality. A lot of times, this Pakistani girl has been criticized for her odd pictures, and stupid types of videos that she used to share with her fans through the Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Her original name is Fouzia Azeem. She was born in March 1990 and died on 15th of July 2016.

Qandeel Baloch

Unfortunately, it is her brother who took the life of Baloch. He has now been arrested and is behind the bars.

The man named Waseem had clarified before media persons that he was internally broken because of the bad comments of people about his sister.

He has also told in the brief interview that he tried his best to convince Qandeel not to do such things, but she never listened to him.

Then he got too angry at him and decided to kill her. Now the soul of Qandeel has traveled to distant skies, and her brother is in jail.

Qandeel Baloch

When he took her life, the whole family was in big shock. Baloch’s father and mother wept a lot because they have lost two of their kids (one in the form of death and the other one has been arrested and would be punished).

For a lot of times, Baloch was said to be an odd lady because of the way she used to dress.

In almost all of her interviews that she gave to TV anchors, she had worn western dresses.

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At one of them, the anchor person Mubashir Luqman shouted at her and asked her to wear the proper dress because she is looking very bad and should not expose her body before camera.

Due to all such acts, Fouzia always received negative comments and even threats of being killed from the religious persons of Paris, New York, Toronto, London, Istanbul, and Dubai.

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