Nouman Javaid Separation From Jana Malik

It looks like the celebrities of New York, Dubai, Paris, London, Istanbul, and Toronto have completely forgotten their limits. This is why we continue hearing the news of breakups and divorces.

The recent divorce of Nouman Javaid and Jana Malik has been in the headlines. Soon after his separation from the first wife, Fariha Parvez, singer Nouman started dating Mor Mahal actress Jana.

Both publicly admitted that there are in a serious relationship and want to get married. There were rumors that Fariha is trying to create problems between Javaid and Malik, but nothing could be confirmed.

Javaid told in a recent interview that he still loves Jana and is crazy for her. She is the only woman he would like to live with and believes that his life is nothing without her.

Amazingly, we could read almost similar statements from Jana’s side. Soon after their marriage in 2016, Nouman and Jana filed for a divorce. They claim that the conflicts are too serious and they cannot live together.

The singer has made confessions that his ex-wife Fariha was far better than Jana Malik. She was a pretty woman who knew how to maintain and run her family.

On the other hand, Jana is not serious about planning a family. Instead, she pays more attention to her career which is why chose to get separated from the husband.

As they separated about two months ago, now both Nouman and Jana have started their routine life. Malik is busy in the shooting of her upcoming drama series, while Javaid is planning to release a few albums by the end of this year.

We feel sorry for the two celebrities and wish them good luck for their future. At the same time, the fans in Paris, Dubai, Toronto, London, Istanbul, and New York, have commented that they should move on in life but with some seriousness about relationships.

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