Neelam Muneer Literally Dances In A Car

The news has gone viral everywhere that Pakistani actress Neelam Muneer literally dances in her car. It has stunned everyone in Paris, New York, Toronto, Dubai, London, Istanbul, and Karachi.

At first glimpse, we feel that gorgeous Neelam is going somewhere. All of a sudden, in her car, she begins dancing to a Bollywood song. Wearing a white dress, Muneer looks attractive.

She got fair skin complexion, deep eyes, long and shining hair. In short, she has all the characteristics to make her a successful and beautiful diva of the era.

This Pakistani celebrity and model has appeared in drama series of Hum TV, Geo TV, ARY Digital, and other big channels. Besides being bold and beautiful, Neelam is very talented, hard-working, and dedicated.

It would not be wrong to say that she has charming features. More than this, she is devoted to whatever she does in her professional life. Once asked about her marriage plans, Muneer said that for now, she has no plans to get married.

According to Neelam Muneer, she is yet busy in establishing herself in the showbiz and fashion industry. Also, she has no time to get married. Not only this but also Neelam considers herself too young for a marriage like big responsibility.

Muneer began her acting career from Thoda Sa Aasmaan. Later on, she made an appearance in Geo TV’s Meri Subha Ka Sitara. From these two drama series, she got media and public attention. Afterward, she received numerous drama and movie offers.

She is one of the most beautiful actresses of Paris, New York, Dubai, London, Toronto, Istanbul, and Karachi. Moreover, she is one of those very few female celebs who got the chance to win the hearts of many people in no time. Her performance in Qaid-e-Tanhai, Aankh Macholi, Shehr-e-Dil Ke Darwazey, Hum TV’s Jal Pari, Geo TV’s Ashk, and Urdu 1’s Meri Saheli Meri Humjoli has been incredible.

Apart from that, she has worked in projects like Arranged Marriage, Mere Meharbaan, Meri Behen Maya, and Daray Daray Naina. One of her most anticipated projects is film, Chupan Chupai. Here she is working opposite Ahsan Khan.

She is not only famous for her acting, but also her great sense of fashion. We just love the way Neelam carries herself in the award shows and family functions. In short, we can call her a fashion queen. Her doll-like appearance and pretty, innocent face make every girl dream of becoming Neelam Muneer. The success graph of this adorable girl is very high.

Once she told in an interview that she has high ambitions and expectations from her career. Doing one or two TV dramas in a year is not enough. Neelam is of the view that she waits for some exciting drama and movie offers the whole year.

Whenever she feels that her role in a particular project is strong and impressive, she takes no time to accept the offer. It is totally correct that Muneer has paved the ways for other young girls who are ambitious to join the entertainment industry.

For her male fans, it is exciting news that she is neither engaged nor married. It means Neelam is currently single. In fact, she is a happily single female. She has emerged as a bright star of the TV industry.

She claims that she wants to work harder. For her, the expectations and comments of fans matter a lot. This is why, Neelam does not compromise on the quality of her characters in the TV dramas.

She got immaculate body elements, and is an energetic female. In other words, she has all the abilities that could convince her fans regarding her performance.

Born in March 1992, Neelam is likely to join the entertainment industries of Dubai, Paris, London, Toronto, Istanbul, New York, and India, very soon.

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