Mosque Built By Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

It is widely believed that Al-Aqsa is the mosque that was originally built by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Religious scholars of New York, Istanbul, Paris, Toronto, London, and Dubai even say that this mosque has been discussed in one of the verses of Sura al-Isra.

In a hadith, our beloved Prophet (PBUH) says: “Allah has made the place between the Sky and Euphrates sacred (fertile).” According to this hadith, Jerusalem is the holy place where Al-Aqsa mosque exists.

There is evidence that the surrounding area of this religious place is fertile. It has rivers, trees, and greenery all around, and that has been discussed in hadiths too. During a stay in the city of Taif, Muhammad (PBUH) invited non-Muslims to Islam. Some of them went against Him (PBUH), while others were impressed by His (PBUH) kind behavior and polite nature.

Initially, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) began preaching of Islam from the city of Makkah. He (PBUH) spent almost a decade there and only 170 non-Muslim men and women embraced Islam. Certainly, it was not so easy for our Prophet (PBUH) to convince the weird people to accept Islam. But He (PBUH) never gave up and carried on His mission.

In 619, our Muhammad (PBUH) lost His uncle, Abu Talib ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib, and beloved wife, Hazrat Khadija. It was indeed a big loss, and the whole Makkah tried to attack Muhammad (PBUH), considering Him weak and alone. Muhammad (PBUH) soon realized that He (PBUH) should quit on these people, and move to another city. Then, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) traveled to the south, to a sister city of Taif.

Here, He again started His mission of spreading the message of Allah. He (PBUH) invited people to Islam, and His adopted son, Zayd ibn Harithah, was also with Him in this mission.

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Non-Muslims of Paris, New York, London, Toronto, Istanbul, and Dubai, always rejected Muhammad (PBUH). The people of Taif had thrown rocks and stones, trying to kill Him and Zayd ibn Harithah. But nothing could stop Him from His mission. SubhanAllah!

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