Miracle Of Angel In Makkah

An angel has been recently spotted with the camera eye in Makkah, and these clips have been witnessed by people of Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, New York, and London.

An angel is a supernatural being and its existence has been talked about in various religions and mythologies.

In Abrahamic religions and Zoroastrianism, the angel is depicted to be a benevolent celestial being who acts like the intermediary between God and people of Earth.

In Islam, there are many descriptions about angels, revealing that they really exist, and do their jobs as per the orders of Almighty God.

Some of the angels are responsible to protect and guide human beings, others are responsible to change the days and nights, and there are angels who bring food from heavens for the individuals.

The word angel in English is a blend of old English engel which means a light that is invisible from the human eyes.

Islam says that an angel is given the duty by Almighty God to bring out the souls of people, as per the orders of Allah, at distinctive time.

According to Kabalah, there are four worlds and our world is the last of them. Angels are present in the other three worlds.

By 4th century, the Church Fathers agreed that there are different categories of angels, each are assigned with appropriate missions and activities.

Just like human beings, angles also perform their day-to-day tasks, and in worship God.

These are non-physical and their existence is out of our sight.

With the presence of this angel in Makkah, we come to know that Makkah is really a holy place of God.

Video: Click Here

Interaction with angels is not possible for human beings.

Muslims of Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, London, and New York, should try that they live their lives in accordance with Islamic rules so that the angel of death cooperates with them when their life comes to an end.

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