Why Men With This Blood Type Have Better Erections

Blood is an integral component of our body, and enough of it flows to our private parts. It means without blood, it is impossible for anyone to survive for more than a few seconds. Turkish researchers say that men with type O blood are less likely to have erectile dysfunctions than the males with type A, type B, and type AB blood.

Experts also reveal that the men with this blood group are sexually active and can produce healthy babies easily. We know that sex is an important part of our lives. Without it, animals, plants, and human beings cannot survive for long.

It has now been proved that blood groups are directly or indirectly associated with heart disease, high cholesterol level, and blood clots. Moreover, the men and women with type O blood are less likely to live infertile lives as compared to men and women with type A, B, and AB blood.

Other genetic components also play a major role in how sexually active the human beings are. In fact, our blood type determines whether we will give birth to only a few babies or lots of kids will surround us after getting married.

Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence, is the inability to maintain our sexual lifestyle. The condition is caused by a lot of issues but can be cured easily with proper medications, diet, and sleep. From an Islamic point of view, giving birth to healthy babies is a woman’s duty. But latest studies indicate that men’s blood groups can contribute to health or disabilities of the newborn babies.

Almost 40 percent of the UK and USA population has type O blood, making it the commonest blood group in the world. Moreover, erectile dysfunction is more common in old men than young boys.

People from 50 to 70 years have it to an extent, but the disease can be cured with fresh fruits especially watermelon.

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