Meera Making Fun At An Award Show

Meera is one of the most famous female celebrities in Paris, Dubai, New York, Istanbul, Toronto, London, and Karachi.

It would not be wrong to say that she is a highly controversial actress and one of those who loves to remain in the news. Her full name is Irtiza Rubab.

She was born in 1977, and began her acting career in 1995 but earned global recognition for her incredible performance in Khilona.

Since then, Meera has worked in numerous films and commercials. Her performance in Inteha, Salakhain, and Bollywood’s Nazar has been admired by people of Dubai, New York, and London.

At the same time, we cannot forget that Meera is always in the headlines due to her odd lifestyle and stupid acts. In a recent award show, she was spotted wearing an idiotic outfit.

On occasion, the host of the show asked her some questions, which she stupidly answered and did not care about her reputation. To be honest, Meera is a type of immature lady.

No doubt, she is an aged female, but her lifestyle and way of speaking are still very immature. All this prove that she needs to amend her ways.

She did her first Bollywood film opposite Imran Hashmi, and in that movie, she wore very small dresses and exposed her body parts.

Another notable movie is Kasak, where she worked alongside Lucky Ali. Unfortunately, this film could not achieve any success and Meera was pushed behind the competition in B-Town.

Eventually, she came back to her homeland and started working on television. Her third Bollywood film, Paanch Ghantey Mien Paanch Crore, received mixed comments from critics and audiences. As compared to India, Meera’s work has been praised in Pakistan and the United States.

A famous magazine named her one of the best and most talented celebrities of Paris, New York, Dubai, Istanbul, Toronto, and London.

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