Mahira Khan Opens Up About Bollywood Movies

Mahira Khan is one of the best and most beautiful actresses of America, Canada, England, Pakistan, India and worldwide. Throughout her career, she has worked in dozens of films and television series.

Khan is primarily known for her beautiful performance in Pakistani shows and Bollywood. She recently appeared in a movie opposite Shah Rukh Khan and was admired for her work. However, Mahira Khan says that it is difficult to work in the Indian film industry because Muslim actors and actresses are given tough competition here.

Previously, Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan were criticized for their appearances in Bollywood movies, and the Hindu extremists demanded them to leave India as soon as possible. There were rumors that both of these stars were being threatened and were forced to quit their B-Town projects.

Moreover, the extremists warned Bollywood filmmakers not to cast any Pakistani actor or actress in future. All this is enough to prove that there is no room for Muslim especially Pakistani celebrities in India.

But Mahira Khan believes that if the shooting of a film is carried out in another country, then no Hindu extremist can cause a problem for either the filmmaker or the actor/actress. As of now, Mahira Khan has no plans to work in Bollywood because she is busy with the shooting of her Pakistani films and dramas.

In the meantime, she has been participating in the fashion shows regularly. Just like any other youngster, Mahira Khan once dreamed of being a Bollywood star, and her dreams were fulfilled by none other than Shah Rukh Khan.

He contacted Mahira Khan and offered her a lead role in his movie, Raees. This bold and beautiful actress had to live in India for the shooting of this film, but she came back to Pakistan after completing her work. With Humsafar, Mahira Khan secured a place in our hearts, and we wish her good luck.

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