The Love Story Of Kajol And Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn and Kajol are among the most successful, richest and famous celebrity couples in the world. They not only shared the screen space and gave various hits to their fans, but Kajol and Ajay chose each other as life partner years ago.

It was media’s verdict when these two stars hogged the limelight for pairing up in real life. A lot of critics and fans labeled them as a “strange couple” because of their contrasting lifestyles and personalities.

Everyone knows that Kajol is a funny person who loves to meet everyone around, but Ajay Devgn has never loved being social and has tried to stay away from journalists all the time. Even Devgn has never participated in any award show, and his wife Kajol doesn’t miss these ceremonies and spends quality time with her showbiz friends.

Since his entry in the Bollywood industry, Ajay has been known as a shy and introvert person. People close to him claim that he doesn’t speak too much and tries to focus only on his work. In contrast, Kajol has always enjoyed her life and the company of her fellows and family members.

Surprisingly, nothing could stop them from being lovebirds, and Kajol received a marriage proposal from Ajay Devgn long time ago. In an interview, the Bollywood actors stated that they never formally said I love each other, but they did have feelings and wanted to get married as soon as possible.

The two tied the knot in February 1999 in a private ceremony, and photos of their wedding went viral on the internet. No matter how smooth this courtship has been, Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s marriage has seen various ups and downs. And the best part is that they never gave up on each other.

Previously, there were rumors that Ajay was secretly dating a fashion model and Kajol was quite upset with him. Fortunately, they have maintained great dignity and a strong relationship, and we wish things remain fine between them forever.

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