Is Love Permitted In Islam? Here’s The Truth

From an Islamic point of view, the relationship between a boy and a girl before marriage makes no sense. There are some rules and regulations which we have to follow being Muslims.

Our beloved religion does not permit a girl to step out of her house without the permission of her parents, brother or husband. In the same way, a boy is not allowed to talk to an unknown girl due to minor reasons.

It is commonly observed that today’s boys and girls have become modern and open-minded. They believe that it’s okay to talk to strangers or make friends online. Unfortunately, our Allah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and all religious scholars have not allowed us to make relations with unknown individuals, whether they are our class-fellows or online mates.

However, it’s okay to speak to someone if you need his or her help, but before marriage, there is no concept of falling in love. If you like someone and wants to marry her, Islam says that you should send her a proposal through proper channel.

The best thing is that you send your mom and dad to her house, asking her parents’ permission to tie the knot. The same is applicable to our Muslim girls. If a girl and a boy develop a relationship before marriage, the chances are that they will commit some sins and will develop physical relationships, which is unacceptable in Islam.

Islam allows the believers who wish to marry a girl to meet and talk to her, asking her likes and dislikes, but we should avoid flirting someone and should give respect and feelings of protection to the other person.

There are some terms and conditions we have to take care of if we want to achieve success in this world and before Allah. While talking to an unknown girl or boy, we should remain within our limits and should keep our tone down.

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