Los Angeles Doctors Reveal Facts Behind Death

Everyone living in Dubai, Toronto, London, Paris, Istanbul, New York, and worldwide has to die one day.

The doctors of Los Angeles claim that the dying body is one which usually reaches the end of its endurance.

It clearly means there are no chances for it to survive more, until or unless some miracle happens by the grace of Almighty God.

The ability of metabolic procedures to renew failed organisms comes to an end when death approaches.

Clinically a person is said to be dead when there is no breath, and when the body begins turning to pale.

Turning of body into pale is the result of failure in blood circulatory system.

Eventually the heart stops beating and our brain’s functions also stop.

People do not die, they just move from one world to another, religious scholars of Los Angeles believe.

The medical experts have said that after death, a person’s body should be left untouched for about five days, if possible.

Usually this does not happen as the relatives, friends, and family members of the dead individual get emotionally disturbed.

In case a murder has taken place, police will obviously bring the body for postmortem.

So, there are no chances that a body can remain untouched for so many days.

It is truly very painful to bury our beloved after death, but nature has made the whole process in this way so we cannot skip it.

Giving value to those who are around us is very important.

Our friends, relatives, parents, and siblings, all are going to miss us once we die.

But death cannot be called as end of a person; it is instead the beginning of a new journey.

Individuals of Dubai, Paris, London, Toronto, Istanbul, and New York, should fully prepare themselves to make that journey a beautiful one by doing good things in this world.

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