Islamophobia Campaign Initiated in West World

Islam has grown as a powerful religion not only in Muslim countries but also has become a favorite of non-Muslims of London, Dubai, and New York like big lands.

A new phobia has recently been initiated in the western world called Islamophobia. This is actually a campaign began by Swedish parliamentarians against Islam.

According to Islamophobia campaign, serving Halal Meat across Sweden is strictly forbid. The reason is said to be the so-called magic of the meat which urges the people become Muslims.

This really makes no sense. The non-Muslims across London, Dubai, New York, Sweden and other parts of the world have to accept that Islam is not a religion to be treated like this.

The Swedish people are of the view that they hate Halal Meat because it reminds them of the Islam, a religion that attracts them and stops them from doing sins.

Islam is a beautiful religion, and Almighty God has been the only creator of each and everything. Unfortunately, the non-Muslims, especially the aggressive people have been trying to raise many similar anti-Islam campaigns.

Their focus is only to stop Islam from becoming a worldwide religion and they cannot see it flourishing day by day.

On the other hand, anger has been found in Muslims across London, Dubai and New York like big states. They say that such campaigns devalue their religion.

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Every Muslim feels proud of being a follower of Islam, and how this can possible that someone degrades their religion and they don’t react. They only want such anti-Islam campaigns to come to an end.

This is only possible when Swedish government realizes that no meat is magical but it is the beauty of Islam that is not tolerable by them.

Across London, New York and Dubai like major cities, the Muslims communities have mentioned the Islamophobia campaign a negative step of Sweden.

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