Islamic Miracles In London

Muslims of New York, Dubai, Paris, Toronto, Istanbul, and London, know that miracles can happen anytime. Throughout the world, a lot of alleged miracles have proved that nothing is impossible for Almighty God.

We should never forget that Allah has sent us to this world with a special purpose. We are not here to gather money, to enjoy world’s comforts, and to waste our time. Instead, Almighty God has created us so that we can follow Islamic rules, and can live our lives in accordance with His orders.

Sometimes when human beings cross their limits or forget their identity, Allah shows us some miracles. These appear either in the form of natural disasters or another form.

In any of the ways, the purpose is to make us realize that we should amend our ways. Allah has created not only humans but also all other living beings.

It would not be wrong to say that every large or small thing praises Him, and His blessings. For example, an animal admires and says thanks to Allah in its own language.

In the same way, plants bow before Him, praising all His blessings. This is what we should also do. We should not forget that if Allah has created us, He can destroy us too.

It is strongly needed that we follow the rules and regulations of Islam. There is no other beautiful and powerful religion but Islam. In the same way, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the only best leader for humanity.

Whether scientists can find out the hidden facts or miracles or not, but we cannot ignore the fact that a supernatural power does exist. So, it is better that we bow before Him before it is too late and the world gets destructed.

For every individual of New York, Toronto, Paris, London, Istanbul, and Dubai, it is needed that he lives a simple life according to Islamic rules.

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