What Islam Says About Rape?

It would not be wrong to say that rape is an unacceptable crime, no matter you live in London, Dubai, Toronto, New York, Istanbul or Paris.

Not only the non-Muslims but also the Muslims worldwide often raise their voices against this criminal act. In Islam, Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have set strict rules and regulations to stop crimes. The capital punishments are reserved for most of the crimes which may stabilize the society and give the victims some satisfaction.

Religious scholars in London, New York, and Dubai take rape as a serious crime, and they demand to protect our women and children. In Holy Quran, Allah has reminded us a number of times that we should not get involved in any crime.

It is our core resonability to give respect and value others, no matter how hard the situations are. Rape is especially considered a horrible crime which may lead a woman to get harmed physically and mentally.

Some non-Muslims worldwide get confused about whether Islam has set some rules for the safety of women and children or not. Let me here tell you that our beloved religion has set specific terms and conditions, and we are bound to live in our limits.

Not only this but also Islam is against terrorism and orders us to stay in peace. Allah has not granted us permission to cross our limits and act like wild animals. We have been sent to this world for a particular purpose, and we have no right to harm others. In the same way, it is important that we respect our women and give them utmost love, care, and safety.

Islam has closed the doors to the crimes, so it is the reasonability of every person in Paris, New York, Dubai, London, Toronto, and Istanbul to value the humanity.

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