Islam – The Only Powerful Religion Of The World

Every religious person of London, Dubai, Toronto, Paris, Istanbul, and New York, knows that Islam is the only powerful religion of the world.

Once we embrace this beautiful religion, it becomes our duty to praise Allah. Admiring Him for all blessings is a matter of showing gratitude. He sent us to this world so that we become His true followers, and live our lives according to Islamic rules.

Those who have accepted this religion but forgot their duties would soon suffer. Sooner or later, everyone has to face punishments for his wrong deeds.

On the other hand, those who worship Allah and praise him would find their destination in heaven. The entire universe is created to bow before Him.

With time, Islam has become the only religion that attracts many non-Muslims and invites them towards Almighty God. Various religious scholars deliver lectures, speeches, and organize seminars just to spread the message of Allah.

Their purpose is to make non-Muslims understand the true values of Islam. Those who believe that this religion teaches us to become terrorists are totally wrong. In fact, Islam is the only religion that teaches us to live in peace, to respect other human beings, to love all the creatures of Allah, and to seek His forgiveness.

There have had been various controversies all over the world against Islam. Indians, especially, are against us (Muslims). On a number of occasions, they have tried to defeat Allah’s followers.

Fortunately, all of their missions failed because Allah is the only superior power, and everything is in His control. We should accept the fact that without His permission, not even a leaf can move from its place.

How can non-Muslims of Paris, Dubai, London, Toronto, New York, and Istanbul think that they would destroy Muslims by the whole! It is their big mistake since Allah is always with us. No religion in this world is as beautiful and amazing as Islam.

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