Insights of September 11 Attacks of New York Revealed

The September 11 attacks are known to everyone of us as the weirdest terrorism attacks ever. These are commonly called as 9/11 terrorism attacks. Terrorism is not only affecting the people across, London, Dubai, and New York, but also each and every part of the world.

It was the morning of Tuesday, September, 11, 2001, when terrorists (according to America) targeted their major landmarks.

Four passenger airplanes were on their way to California when the hijackers took their control and turned them towards the big buildings of America including World Trade Center.

America claimed that these attacks are done by none other than an Islamic organization, Al-Qaida. Immediately after this incident that gave big shocks to the world, America planned to initiate war against Al-Qaida.

It began targeting some of the Muslim states where Al-Qaida members are likely to be present.

As compared to this aggressiveness of America, the facts behind are totally different. The clips of 9/11 attacks which went viral everywhere and were witnessed by almost all of us are actually fake.

Here this has been well highlighted that America has pre-planned September 11 attacks. It means these weren’t done by any Islamic organization but America itself.

The country often raises voice against Muslim world. The intention of non-Muslims seems to be nothing but to defeat Islamic organizations and Muslims.

In any of the ways, the aggressive non-Muslims try to create problems for Muslim world. They either call them terrorists or begin campaigns about the Holy Book (Quran).

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A similar campaign, Islamophibia is already being run by Sweden. The purpose of all such things is to make the Muslims feel trouble.

Whether Muslims live in London, New York, Dubai or another land, they always feel proud of their religion and will never leave the hope in Almighty God, Who is actually the true creator of everything.

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