The Importance Of Praising Allah Almighty – (The Only One True God)

How important is it to praise Allah Almighty? This question often strikes the minds of Muslims living in Dubai, New York, Istanbul, Toronto, Paris, and London.

There is no doubt that Allah is the only Lord of the worlds. He sent us to this world so that we could recognize ourselves, and could praise Him for His blessings.

Also, it is true that Allah is Creator of everything. All the blessings we have been given are due to His mercy. With the passage of time, He sent different prophets to this world.

Their purpose was to make non-Muslims and weird individuals realize that we should bow before no one but Allah. Centuries ago, some of the extremists raised their voices against Islam, and Allah’s prophet.

They were against Islamic values, and were not ready to accept this religion. On the other hand, prophets of Almighty God carried on their mission of spreading the message of Allah.

They had to face a lot of problems during this mission. Amazingly, nothing could stop them from it. Eventually, Allah sent His last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to this world.

He (PBUH) is a master of all prophets. Allah loves His Muhammad (PBUH) the most. It is also said that Almighty God created this universe just for His beloved Prophet (PBUH). We should be thankful to Him because He gave us a chance to be one of His Prophet’s ummah.

Non-Muslims tortured Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) numerous times. They were of the view that He (PBUH) is trying to misguide them. Unfortunately, not all of them embraced Islam. Allah has gifted us so many things so it is very important to praise Him, and seek His mercy.

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Only a few accepted this religion, while the remaining kept on raising their voices against Allah’s Prophet (PBUH). These days, Muslims of Paris, London, Toronto, Dubai, Istanbul, New York, and other parts of the world know their duties. We should not do anything which is against our religious and moral values.

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