Holy Quran Sheds Light On Human Life

In Holy Quran, Allah has said that we (the humans) should amend our ways and should not cross our limits. Unfortunately, most individuals have forgotten their religious and moral values and are after money all the time.

Our religious book sheds light on human life wonderfully and asks us to live simple lives. If we don’t do so, the chances are that we will have to suffer. For instance, calamities and natural disasters have been hitting all parts of the world.

People have their distinctive views about them: some believe that the natural disasters are the result of climatic changes, while the others say that these are the trials of Allah. It is important for us to seek guidance from Holy Quran because this is the only authentic and reliable book that depicts everything properly.

At some places, Holy Quran says that the natural disasters are a punishment by Allah. When He (God) is angry at us, He (God) creates such issues and wants the disbelievers to live within their limits. And whatever of misfortune befalls you, that’s because of what you have done in your life.

By no means, Allah wants to create a mess for us. He (God) loves us a lot and wants us to follow His rules and regulations. Evils have become common in this world, and we have become materialistic to an extent. We are doing good and bad things and want to earn a lot in a short time.

It is very unfortunate that we have lost our senses and are running after fame, success, and money. We are continuously ignoring the fact that all these things mean nothing. If we start living a simple life and follow Allah’s rules, we will definitely achieve success in all walks of life and will be succeeded after death too.

The scientific knowledge, discoveries, and research have provided evidence about the reliability and truthfulness of Holy Quran.

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