The History of Gaddafi Of Libya

Gaddafi of Libya paved the ways for Muslims of New York, Dubai, Istanbul, Toronto, Paris, and London. He was a brave and courageous person.

Even in the hardest days of his life, Gaddafi did not give up and kept on trying for freedom. All he wanted is a free Islamic state. Unfortunately, enemies were not ready to let him rule the country.

A lot of times, they created problems for him and his family. They targeted a few of his relatives during his rule, and wanted to dominate the Gulf countries.

Different types of incidents and mishaps made Gaddafi feel bad. But this brave man never left the hope. Instead, he raised his voice against the extremists, and asked the world for help.

It is very sad to say that no government came in front to save Gaddafi and his country from the enemies. As a result, they attacked different parts of Libya, destructed human colonies in a large number, and eventually succeeded in dominating this part of the world.

Still, the incident of Gaddafi’s death is on the minds of people in New York, London, and Dubai. He wanted nothing but freedom to speak and to live according to Islamic rules.

He faced a lot of problems during his mission, and never lost the hope. This is why, Gaddafi’s name is always taken with pride when it comes to talking about world’s best leaders.

The facts and figures reveal that many leaders and politicians in the world are under the influence of the US. Imran Khan is the only politician who is not considered to be influenced by the US power.

Gaddafi also refused to work with the US forces, which is why he was killed by his enemies. His whole family has been destructed, but individuals of New York, Paris, Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, and London will always remember them in prayers. Am I right?

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