Here Is What Make British People Angry At Umar Akmal

Recently a fire has been in the air of Toronto, London, Istanbul, Dubai, Paris, Pakistan, and New York, about Umar Akmal.

Pak police detain this player at a nightclub, and PCB was sent notice of his vulgar acts immediately so that action could be taken against him.

As a result of what Akmal has done, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced a few days ago to remove him from the team, not allowing him to participate in any of future games till the issue gets resolved.

The Pakistani batsman was caught red-handed doing objectionable activities in Great Britain and this is what has made his fans angry at Umar.

Regardless of the fact that he has tried to calm the situation, Akmal has still been asked to provide with proves that could support and save him from losing his repute and respect.

The PCB, referring to media reports, had instantly issued the notice to Umar with statement that he has been dropped from the Pakistan T20 squad for the series against England.

Akmal has been interviewed about his cheap act, and he has to answer the fans of why he was doing immoral activities in Hyderabad city.

The media has reported that not only Umar but also some other players were arrested by police when they had raided a bungalow where the players were watching a ‘cheap dance’.

No doubt, it is tough time going on for those players, but this is good because giving them punishment will make them amend the ways in future.

Sometime after his arrest, Umar was released from the police station.

Since then he is continuously denying to have taken part in any of those idiotic activities.

Akmal has been insisting that he just went to the bungalow with some friends because he was invited there for a dinner party.

Whether he is right or wrong, only God knows. But certainly Umar’s fans of Dubai, Pakistan, New York, Toronto, London, Istanbul, and Paris, are unhappy with the current situation.

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