Do Heaven And Hell Really Exist

Non-Muslims of Toronto, Paris, Dubai, New York, Istanbul, and London, often ask this question.

We all know that death is a bitter truth. One day our souls will travel to another world permanently.

God has created this world temporarily to keep an eye on what the human beings do when they are given the free hand.

Heaven And Hell

There is an evil power that always surrounds us, making us feel that doing bad things is beneficial, but it is actually not so.

There is nothing advantageous than doing positive and good things, regardless of how difficult they are.

Every individual, whether Muslim of Dubai and Toronto, or non-Muslim of Istanbul, Paris, New York, and London, is His property. Our souls are also bound as per His orders and will one day leave our bodies.

Thanks to God that He has shown is the right path. As a human being, we can differentiate between good and bad things.

Heaven And Hell

Those who go on right ways see ultimate success, while those who make wrong things their destination ultimately come across multiple problems.

Every individual has must remember that heaven and hell really exist, but we do not know where they actually are.

The saints of heaven will be able to see God’s extraordinary blessings. There is no information about which group of good people will be able to communicate with Almighty God.

A lot of religious scholars have described how beautiful heaven will look like and how poorly hell is formed.

What kinds of heaven and hell have been created by God?

In Holy Quran, many descriptions are written about these two places. Still no individual before a set time can see any of them because Almighty God has not permitted.

Muslims of Toronto, Paris, Istanbul, Dubai, New York, and London, should pay attention to doing something nice so that they get a permanent place in heaven.

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