Gaza Muslims In Danger

Over the years, individuals of Paris, Dubai, New York, Toronto, London, and Istanbul, have witnessed that Israel is killing Gaza Muslims for no reason.

In one way or the other, Israelis pretend that several Muslim countries are spreading restlessness. Their aim is to destroy the whole communities of Muslims.

Previously, a lot of attacks were done on Gaza Muslims. Unfortunately, the superpowers like America, Canada, England, and others have shut their mouth on such incidents.

Their silence is the sign that they are satisfied with what Israel is doing with innocents. The situation has become uncertain, and no country is ready to come in front and to raise voice for Gaza Muslims.

As a result, Israeli forces murder youngsters, children, and old-age individuals at a large number. Occasionally, they make the headlines because they destruct the whole towns and cities.

Almost the same is the situation of Kashmir where Muslims are being killed in a large number by weird Indian forces.

All of the non-Muslims want to destroy Muslims. This is why, they say that Muslims are terrorists and are behind all destruction of the world.

In fact, they are promoting restlessness in the world, but blame Muslims for all such things. It is needed that we help those innocent people.

If we are living in a peaceful city or country, then this doesn’t mean such attacks could never destroy our families. For once, we should keep ourselves in the place of those people who are being killed for no reason.

Their families are killed and dead bodies are left under the sky. Sometimes birds and animals make those dead bodies their food, which is a bizarre and weird thing.

What if this had happened to us? All the Muslims of Paris, Dubai, New York, London, Toronto, and Istanbul, should come forward to raise their voices against the terrorists who are killing Gaza Muslims and people of Kashmir.

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