Four Times Melania Proved She Is Unhappy With Donald Trump

Ever since Trump became the President of the US, the hashtag #FreeMelania has caught everyone’s attention because it depicts many of her awkward expressions. Since then, it is hard for us to say if Melania is happy with her husband’s current position or she is just considering another route for herself.

Here we have mentioned those moments when Melania pretended to be normal with her husband, but things were actually weird as she was quite unhappy due to one reason or another.

Donald Often Shouts At Melania

In a recent interview, Trump lost his control over Melania and began shouting at her. Later on, it was said that during his presidency campaign, Melania had promised to do a couple of speeches which she refused. It seems that the two had not communicated on this matter prior to the campaign.

The Vanishing Smile

On Trump’s inauguration day, Melania was spotted with a lightning-quick mood. A lot of her pictures in the same mood went viral. In the middle of his speech, Trump, the 45th President of the United States, looked back at Melania and said something. It looked like he was asking her to smile but she didn’t.

Melania and Donald Dating

In 1999, in New York City, Melania and Donald were clicked at a club. The couple was here for a romantic date. Surprisingly, Melania didn’t look as happy as she was expected to. Her awkward body language depicted that she is not enjoying her husband’s company.

The ‘Air Kiss’

There were many rumors about the ‘Air Kiss’ of Melania and Donald on the day of his inauguration. Some people said that the two actually kissed each other, while some believed that it was not so. For many, the time when Trump came close to Melania was an awkward moment because Melania seems to have refused to kiss Trump in public.

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