Former US President George W Bush And His Daughter Convert To Islam

In one of the recent conferences, former US president George W Bush has made announcement that he is converting to Islam. This news has proved to be wonderful for the Muslims across Dubai, California, London, and New York etc.

This is not the first time when a non-Muslim has taken such a wise decision. Following the foot-steps of her father, the daughter of Bush has also accepted Islam.

To announce their conversion to a whole new religion, George Bush and his family have appeared before media, along with a longtime friend Shaikh Hamza Yusuf.

The president and his daughter have mentioned that they feel blessed that Almighty God has given them a chance to be one of His believers.

Describing how she feels, the lovely girl of Bush has viewed that Islam is the only authentic religion in this world, and Allah is the true Creator of each and everything.

A reflective Bush continued to tell about his longtime affection for Muslims. He has told that he is much interested to learn important lessons of Islam.

Bush’s daughter, on the other hand, has started offering five prayers. She is often seen talking about Islam and Holy Quran, saying that she is thankful to Allah for showing her the right path.

All the Muslims worldwide should realize their duties that it is not only important for them to be true believers but also spreading the God’s message so that the disbelievers can seek knowledge.

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Scholars such as Dr. Zakir Naik are playing good role in our societies, making non-Muslims realize how important Islam is for every individual.

Whether you live in Dubai, New York, London, California, or another well developed city, you must not forget that God has sent us to this world with a special purpose — which is to stay humble and do good things till the death.

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