Finest Bowler Of History Of Cricket

It is known to every person in Paris, London, Dubai, Istanbul, Toronto, and New York that Mohammad Zahid has taken Dravid’s off stump out.

This person is credited for beginning career within short proximity of Shoaib Akhtar, who is another famous and widely known fast-bowler from Pakistan.

Zahid made record in the 2003 World Cup. Apart from this, he has been the player of Alder Cricket Club in West Derby, and Liverpool & District Cricket Competition.

After uprooting Dravid’s off stump, it took very little time to Zahid to touch the peaks of success.

The cricket fans who started following this game in the 90s have always rememebered the name of Mohammad Zahid, considering him the world’s finest bowler.

Most of Mohammad’s dismissals are in the form of lbw. This has been proved from many of matches that he has really been a priceless player for Pakistan.

In order to give an idea about how superb he played, here we would like to say that he is the first Pakistani bowler who had given the Yorker present to Rahul.

During those days, both Dravid and Zahid were new to cricket. They faced each other in Canada for the Sahara Cup.

Zahid received much appreciation because his Yorkers have been simply unplayable.

For several years, he played under the guidence of Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. Zahid names these two players to be the ones who motivated him to become a fast bowler.

For fulfilling this dream, Mohammad worked day and night, and never gave up trying even when he received many injuries and had undergone surgery.

Being young and energetic, Zahid defeated many big cricketers of the 90s, and eventually he got a lot of success in his career.

We would also like to mention here that he had taken more than ten wickets in his very first game, making him favorite of everyone in London, Paris, Dubai, New York, Istanbul, and Toronto.

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