Fastest Bowler In The World

When it comes to cricket, it would not be wrong to say that there are many fans of this game in Istanbul, Dubai, London, New York, Toronto, and Paris.

Talking about the fastest and finest bowler of cricket it is simply not possible to forget Mohammad Zahid.

Mr. Zahid was born in 1976 and is an exceptional Pakistani cricketer of all time.

Basically he is a right-handed batsman and bowler who took ten wickets in his debut, and scored great against New Zealand.

Due to his immense contribution to cricket, Mohammad Zahid received many awards.

He was once seriously injured and went through back surgery.

These ups and downs did not impact his professional life and he continued to play till 2003.

It is to be noticed that Zahid’s last Test was against South Africa.

Besides this, he was able to bowl an exceptional over to Brian Lara (West Indies), who was named to be among the premier batsmen.

In a recent interview with a television channel of America, Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistani paceman) has accepted that Zahid has done fabulous work in the cricket industry so he deserves to be called as ‘fastest bowler of the world’.

Mohammad played club cricket for Alder Cricket Club in West Derby, Liverpool in the Liverpool & District Cricket Competition.

He once told to journalists that Waseem Akram is his biggest inspiration, and he got much motivation from Waseem’s gaming style before he could become a player himself.

He has been phenomenal with his pace and accuracy. Doubtlessly he is the man who always circled around the stumps with his excellent bowling.

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Now Mohammad has been retired from game, but is often spotted in talk shows of America and Pakistan.

He has not only been the favorite of many in Pakistan but also in Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, New York, Paris, as well as London.

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