The Excellent Speech of Aamir Khan On Islam

Every person in Paris, Dubai, London, Toronto, Istanbul, and New York, knows that Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has faced a lot of controversies during his career.

Wonderfully, this male celebrity does not feel shy when it comes to giving personal opinions. Being a Muslim, Aamir Khan is against those who raise their voices against Islam.

A lot of times, Khan commented negatively about Hindu extremists. He says that those individuals should amend their ways. They have no right to say that Muslims are terrorists because we are not.

Also, Aamir opened a debate about tolerance and free expression in India, and prompted a torrent of criticism on social media. A lot of fans in New York, London, and Dubai, were in favor of his opinions.

He was called for an interview where Aamir gave big statements that he is ready to leave India forever, and cannot accept to live in a country where people promote terrorism and blame Muslims for everything.

Bollywood star believes that we should move on from the country because India is not a safe place for Muslim actors. He suggested that Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, as well as other Muslim stars should say goodbye to Bollywood industry.

If they cannot do so, they should at least stop people around from talking negatively about Islam. We all know and believe that Islam is a true religion. It does not promote restlessness. Also, the followers of Islam love peace and harmony. So, Hindu extremists are simply trying to ruin the reputation of Muslims before the world.

Sooner or later, they will fail in their mission. Khan also says that Hindus should do some other works rather than paying all attention to how to destroy Muslims, because they can never do so.

Khan’s fans of Dubai, New York, Paris, London, Toronto, Istanbul, and Mumbai know that he is a versatile performer and a hard working guy.

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