The End Of The World: When Is The Doomsday

The world we live is full of mysteries and wonders. Some of our Earth’s parts have strange buildings, while the others are known for extremely high or low temperature.

In the same way, the universe itself has countless planets, galaxies, and stars. And it’s not possible for any human being to predict the date of the Doomsday.

However, in Holy Quran, Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have said that the Doomsday will not arrive until or unless we come across a few positive and negative things.

One of them is that the sun will rise from the west and that will be the sign that the Doomsday is approaching. There are a lot more such things which have either happened or will happen in coming years.

Besides all the stories and theories religious scholars and scientists have shared, no one is able to tell when the world is going to end. David Meade, a Christian scientist, has predicted that the Planet X will hurtle the Earth and will wipe out humanity in the near future.

Some religious believers claim that the giant stars will collide our planet before the Doomsday, but there is no such indication by either our Almighty God or Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Another theory suggests that all the planets of our solar system will shrink gradually by the Doomsday. Whatever the concepts of arguments may be, we should always remember that God has not told anyone about the exact date and time of the Doomsday.

However, we have been asked to amend our ways and be prepared as it could come anytime, just like our death and we have been asked to bow before Almighty God every moment.

Even the Yajooj and Majooj have been talked about, so as the Dajjal. But no one knows when will they come and what will they do. May Allah save all of us from the dangers and evils, ameen.

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