Daughter of President Bush Accepts Islam

Muslims from Dubai, New York, California, London, and other parts of the world have celebrated like-never-before when the daughter of George Bush accepts Islam.

This young girl has told in a couple of interviews that she has been much attracted towards the religious scholar Dr. Zakir Naik. She further says that she was a part of some of his lectures and realized that Islam is the most powerful religion.

Not only in America, but also across UK and Asia, this news has gone viral.

Many Muslims have talked about the daughter of Bush in positive and respectful way, welcoming her to Islam with open arms.

It is not only a case with this lovely girl, but also the wife of President Bush, and even he, both have shown much interest in Islam.

Whenever a non-Muslim converts to Islam, this makes us realize that God is definitely there to allow such individuals realize their duties.

It is He who gives all of the non-Muslims a chance to bow before Him.

All praise goes to Him, and then those religious scholars who play their vital role in spreading the holy messages of God.

Scholars like Dr. Zakir work really hard, spending most of their times delivering religious lectures.

We salute to such nice persons and pray that their mission of attracting non-Muslims towards Islam is always successful, whichever part of the world they go, amen.

After converting to Islam, this girl has begun offering prayers and now she is much interested to learn Holy Quran.

Here she seems to be very happy, saying that Allah has given her a chance to become Muslim.

She admires whatever Almighty God has given to us in the form of His blessings.

Across Dubai, London, New York, California, and parts of Canada, Christians aren’t much happy with this decision of the young female.

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