Dangers In The World

It would not be wrong to say that the world is in danger. People of Paris, Dubai, Toronto, London, Istanbul, and New York would be amazed to know that soon our Earth will have no human.

Studies reveal that population is increasing day by day, and the pollution is causing various health problems. At the same time, superpowers want to dominate the world and destruct human colonies in a large number.

On the other hand, natural disasters have become very common these days. Almost all countries suffer from tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, and similar disasters.

There are chances that soon we will either have to move to another planet or will see ourselves getting destructed. World’s water is drying out day by day, and it seems that wars will be held for the sake of clean, drinking water. It is one of the major dangers of the world.

At this moment, America is the most powerful and dominating country of the world. People of this country are broad-minded, and want to defeat Muslims in any of the ways.

Every now and then, the government of the US creates problems for Muslim communities, and we feel that they will soon throw them out of their state.

On the other hand, unemployment, illiteracy, and health issues have taken a very serious form. Hospitals are crowded with sick people and they are provided with no proper medical facilities. Moreover, our children are forced to work at shops and they remain uneducated because they are to earn money for a living. Is this why Allah created the universe?

No, it is absolutely not. To some extent, it is true that Allah will one day shut down the system of the universe. But some part of the destruction is being caused by humans themselves.

There is a strong need that we amend our ways. Individuals of Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, New York, Paris, and London, must raise their voices against criminals and terrorists.

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