Concept Of Heaven And Hell In Islam

Many questions have been raised by individuals in London, Dubai, New York, Paris, Toronto, and Istanbul, about whether hell and heaven really exist or not!

Nowadays, many religious scholars are busy in making the people realize that heaven and hell are really present somewhere in the distant skies.

It is easy to say that the heaven is a place of unspeakable glories where Almighty God is living and He will award some of its parts to His followers.

On the other hand, hell is where there is burning fire and many problems which are for those who have had been disbelievers and did not do good things in this world.

Heaven And Hell

According to Islam, God has sent people of Paris, Dubai, Toronto, London, Istanbul, and New York, to this world with a special purpose. We are responsible for performing religious duties which include to bow before Him and to be positive minded.

The occupants of heaven will be free of sins while the occupants of hell will be full of sins.

God, in heaven, will provide us lots of luxuries. We will live life without pain, sorrow, sickness, and even death because life there is ever-lasting.

Heaven And Hell

Those who believe that hell and heaven do not exist are totally wrong. They should understand that there is a life after death, and that will be either a positive or negative experience based on our deeds of this world.

It is interesting to know that in heaven, people will be free from evil impressions; they will live luxury lives there.

Finally, in heaven people will live lives free of problems that they often come across in this world. Scriptures make it clear that persons, after death, either go to heaven or hell.

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It is important that we do good deeds in this world. This is because we will one day die and would have to present ourselves before God.

Every Muslim of Paris, Toronto, Istanbul, London, Dubai, and New York, has firm faith in Almighty God and what He has talked about in Holy Quran.

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