Brother And Sister Got Married In London

Everyone in Paris, Dubai, New York, Toronto, Istanbul, and London, will be shocked to hear that a brother tied the knot with his sister.

The incident took place in a city of Pakistan, but it is not new to us. Previously, there had been news that two siblings got married in the US.

From a religious point of view, such things are not appreciable. It is just unacceptable both by our religion and society that two siblings tie the knot.

Also, there are various health complications associated. Scientists have proved that the genes of the siblings always match, so as their DNAs. So getting married means they are likely to suffer from genetic disorders.

Not only this but also the off-springs are likely to born abnormal. In Islam, a sister is never permitted to marry her brother.

No doubt, Allah knows best, and He has set some rules for us. If something is forbidden, then we should be assured that there is a reason behind it.

Marriage is the most beautiful thing in this world. At the same time, it puts several responsibilities both on husband and wife.

The man is responsible for earning a living and getting money for his family. On the other hand, the woman gives birth to children and takes care of the whole family. If Islam has forbidden from getting married to your brother or sister, then we should not forget that there are some reasons which Allah Almighty did not want us to know.

The husband and bride enjoy physical relationships, and in Islam, such an association is not permitted to be developed with your sibling.

On the other hand, various disorders are likely to be a part of your life, including infertility, cancer, hair loss, skin problems, and others.

So, it’s important for every individual in Paris, New York, Istanbul, Toronto, London, and Dubai, to realize his religious and moral duties and amend his ways.

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