Bold Scenes In The Television Shows

For most of the people in London, Dubai, Toronto, Istanbul, New York and Paris, television is the primary source of entertainment. Sometimes it happens that we get tired of the low-quality soaps and serials and want something better.

In recent months, the trend of making odd dramas and programs has been increased. This technique is adapted by almost all producers and directors because they want to get good ratings for their programs.

They never pay attention to the quality of their shows; rather their focus is on developing programs with lots of bold and odd scenes. In our television serials, many actors and actresses get too close to each other. Sometimes they kiss each other, while other times the females claim to be pregnant.

These days, all people talk about their favorite series and praise the best celebrities. At the same time, they openly comment about the vulgarity and cheapness being spread in our societies.

Most of the television shows are not family-friendly, that is because our producers focus on bold scenes more than the quality and story of the serials.

As a result, we are being provided with a broad range of programs, all of which have annoying or odd stories. At the same time, several shows do depict right things and deliver great messages.

For example, if some shows are made on our social or political problems, their depiction of those issues and the ways of finding the solutions are always good.

Getting a large number of views is not enough for a quality show, it should deliver a good message and should have something to learn from.

I feel that our audiences are tired of the same stories and traditional dramas. They want quality stuff and family-oriented programs.

So, the producers of Paris, Dubai, New York, Toronto, London, and Istanbul should provide us with quality rather than quantity. We do not want a lot of programs with same stories; we only want one program at a time which is both family-friendly and nicely developed.

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