Why Did Birds Born By Allah

A bird uses its wings to fly in the skies. It needs lots of energy to lift its body and Allah has made it capable of remaining aloft without expending too many efforts. It is interesting to know that there are numerous species of birds, and all of them sleep on one leg.

It doesn’t mean they cannot keep their balance maintained. In fact, the birds do balance themselves while at night. Moreover, some of the birds can watch things perfectly even when there is too much darkness around. In contrast, human beings cannot watch anything when there is dim or no light.

There is a purpose of everything and Allah has not produced anything uselessly. Just like humans are born to bow before Him and are the most prominent creatures, the birds, animals, and plants do have a purpose in life.

The birds have veins, arteries, organs, blood and everything that help them survive. They can flap their wings and can remain in the air for several minutes, without any external support. It is assumed that if the legs of birds were thicker or bulky, they would never have flown properly. Thus, Allah has gifted them thin and lightweight legs so that they can fly in a better way and without any issue.

According to Abu Huraira, Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has ordered us to value all living beings. In fact, we have been ordered to give importance to non-living things too. Birds, animals, and plants have their distinctive properties. They contribute to our atmosphere directly or indirectly and should not be harmed by any means.

Unfortunately, human beings kill birds and animals for the sake of meat or personal pleasure. It makes no sense, and we should amend our ways. Being the superior creature doesn’t mean we should harmlessly kill other living things as we have no right to do so.

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